Chinese Visa and Legalization Services

CCCB offer reliable Chinese visa services to anyone wants to visit China either for business purpose or private trip.


We are able to assist you to issue an invitation letter from your potential business partner, secure your flight & hotel reservation, and arrange your meetings with business partners or authorities.


Types of Chinese Visa


Chinese visa falls into four types: Diplomatic visa, Courtesy visa,

Service visa and Ordinary visa. Ordinary visa is further divided into the following 8 categories each marked with a letter:

Tourist and family visit visa (L-visa), Business Visa (F-visa),

Student Visa (X-visa) ,Work Visa (Z-visa), Transit Visa (G-visa),

Crew Visa (C-visa), Journalist Visa (J-visa),

and Permanent Residence Visa (D-visa).


Chinese Visa Fees Structure



  Single Entry Double Entries Multiple Entries
Standard Fee* £100(65.25) £115 (80.25) £160 (125.25)
Express Fee** £138 (92) £155 (107) £199 (152)


 * Standard Service takes 4 days for collection;

** Express Service takes 3 days for collection.

Figures in brackets are compulsory fees payable to the embassy and Visa application center.


Document Legalization Fee



Legalization is the requirement for certain documents to be accepted in foreign country. Usually, the document has to be notarized by public notary or solicitor, and then legalized by the foreign affairs department and foreign embassy.


Our legalization fee for any single document is £80.


If you would like to get advice, please contact:


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